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Siobhan O'Brien - Set Decoration

Siobhan O'Brien works in the film and television industry where she began her career in 2008 after completing an M.F.A. in Visual Arts at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Since that time she has had the privilege of working with many talented designers, gaining experience through various roles in the Art Department. She currently works as a Set Decorator.


Set Decorator, Television

The L Word: Generation Q, S1-S3 Showtime

Super Pumped, S1


Angelyne, S1 E1-3


Twenties, S1 E2


You, S2

Warner Brothers

Better Things, S3


Life In Pieces, S3-S4


Play By Play, S1-S3

Verizon / Hearst

Dan The Weatherman, Pilot


Medal of Honor, S1


Faking It, S2-3

Viacom / MTV

Valerie Green, P.D. Seasons 2-3

Suzuki Ingerslev, P.D. Season 1

Valerie Green, P.D. Episodes 2-7

J. Dennis Washington, P.D. Pilot

Jahmin Assa, P.D. Episodes 1-3

Sammi Wallschlaeger, P.D.

Hugh Moody, P.D. 

Nate Jones, P.D.

Samantha Englender, P.D. 

Rodrigo Cabral, P.D. 

Samantha Englender, P.D. 

Michael Fitzgerald, P.D. 

Michael Fitzgerald, P.D. 

Set Decorator, Film

Daphne & Velma

Directed by Suzi Yoonessi

6 Balloons

Directed by Marja-Lewis Ryan

Alaska Is A Drag

Directed by Shaz Bennett


Directed by Timothy McNeil

Rodrigo Cabral, P.D.

Michael Fitzgerald, P.D.

Michael Fitzgerald, P.D.

Michael Fitzgerald, P.D.

A Happening of Monumental Proportions

Directed by Judy Greer

Michael Fitzgerald, P.D.


Directed by Angie Wang

Rodrigo Cabral, P.D.

We are Your Friends

Directed by Max Joseph

Maya Sigel, P.D.

Shangri-La Suite

Directed by Eddie O'Keefe

Maya Sigel, P.D.

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